Dolls, Sculpts and Marionettes by Brigid's Whispers Mystic Designs

Here you can see my dolls, sculpts and marionettes I did during the last years - by the way, my first doll I made, when I was ten years old. I hope, you enjoy my little creatures. For all my Dolls and other items like jewellery that are currently to sell please visit my Etsy shop at For questions about my work, comission work or customized items please feel free to contact me under

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Prague, Czechia
I'm a self taught artist and puppet maker, living in Prague, the world's most magical and beautiful city. My inner world has always been very vivid and colourful, so it wasn't always easy for reality to cope with that. I do believe in Dragons, Love and Miracles, and I love colours, being happy and creating, and discovering life day by day. My strong conviction is, that our souls purpose is to follow our bliss, and that's what I'm trying to do.